Alaska Cruise Travel Photos Gallery I hope you can derive at least a small amount of the pleasure I received from my trip to Alaska, taking the pictures, getting the photos develop- ed & enlarged, framing them, loading them into my computer and editing them, & creating a calendar. Although there is no time frame, eventually I would also like to put my larger Rockies & Chicago collections online; so if you happened to like these you might want to check back occasiona- lly to see if I've added any links below. However, I do not consider my pictures to be in the public domain for the purpose of reproducing them. If you think you might be interested in a purchase, you can contact me at or with Adam Schanz. There are links to the adjacent images at the bottom of each photo so that you can step through them rather quick- ly in sequence. If you prefer to return to this main page each time after viewing a picture, right clicking on the reduced image button will hast- en the process. Then you just close that picture and you are back here. Click on any image that interests you to get started - it will enlarge. You will find that the quality of the enlarged picture is much greater.


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